After one and a half weeks of staying in kindergarten, this morning Cutie said bye to me. Huge step. Tomorrow I can actually leave instead of waiting at the reception for one hour. I’ll have to pick him 2 hours later but at least I’ll have almost 2 hours to do something. Hopefully next week, he’ll stay the entire morning.
Last week events got me thinking. Could it be that German handymen are really respectful and that’s why none of them said anything? (Please let it be it!!!).
I couldn’t stop thinking what if that situation happened in my country. Men are all different, no news there. But some men are more… how can I call it? self confident, less respectful, more daring, typical machos, etc., and those men wouldn’t have miss the chance to ask the woman out, specially if like me, I only missed the “Eat Me” sign…

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  1. My sister has traveled to different countries. She shared about the grabbing on buses and trains…ick… About Germany, she said that our family would fit well there…we maybe look German? Women deserve much more respect worldwide…

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